Four More Casio G-Shocks Round Out 25th Anniversary Collection

Four new G-Shocks that weren't seen at this week's 25th anniversary party are now being shown off. On top is the GW225E-7, the cream of this crop. It's ISO 200 meter water resistant and built for divers. It has a timer that logs dives, and memory storage for vital stats like blood type, diver certification card and passport number. It also has a solar battery, but no Multi-Band, and it costs $350. Check out the rest after the jump.


Dolphin & Whale: The D&W is inspired by the Dolphin & Whale Eco-Research Network, a group working on environmental protection initiatives. It is translucent with blue highlights to represent the ocean, and it is engraved with the slogan "All Is One" on the back to represent the Network's feelings on life and nature. It features the solar battery, Multi-Band 5, rust resistance and standard G-Shock features.

GWM5625E-7: This one updates the classic G-Shock design for the 25th anniversary, adding a long-lasting solar battery and Multi-Band 5, which automatically syncs the watch to five time stations around the world using radio waves. It also has five alarms and displays the time for 48 different cities around the world. The GWM5625E-7 goes for $150.


Eric Haze Edition: Graffiti artist Eric Haze is the inspiration behind this model, his third signature watch for G-Shock. Haze logos are on the band and backlight of the watch, which is a pretty basic model. It has shock and water resistance, but no solar battery or Multi-Band atomic time sync. At $100, it's the cheapest of the new line.


Good stuff, G-Shock, and happy 25th birthday to you. [G-Shock]

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