Casio's EX-G1 Super Slim Shooter: Shock-Resistant and Waterproof

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At just 0.78-inches thick, Casio claims the 12.1-megapixel EX-G1 is the world's slimmest ruggedized camera. The first in a new Exilim G line, it has a reinforced 2.5-inch rear LCD, non-extending 3x optical zoom lens, microSDHC expansion, and intelligent autofocus.


Essentially, the EX-G1 is the type of camera you'd take with you when you go snowboarding. It's designed to withstand multiple drops from 7 feet, work underwater at depths of 10 feet for 60 continuous minutes, and has a number of action-shooting modes. It also records wide-format movies at 848 x 480 resolution (30 frames per second).

The EX-G1 will be $300 in December, and available in either black or red. Just in time for snow season.


I think camera makers should furnish consumers with non retouched sample pictures taken with the cameras they peddle.It will make buying cameras so much easier. All the jacked up data dont mean much to me but i do know the difference between a good picture and bad picture. I usually have to go to Flick to look for pictures taken with the camera before I buy it. My 2 cents :)

I would also like to see left handed cameras. Im left handed and my right hand is not steady when im pressing the button.

My other 2 cents.