Come November, Nintendo will be scratching a lot of nostalgic itches with its miniature NES Classic Edition console that comes pre-installed with 30 retro games. But between catching up on your favorite titles, you can now learn how many of them came to be with a new book that sounds like the perfect sidekick to the console.

Available a week after the NES Classic Edition hits stores, Playing With Power from Prima Games delves into the backstory of 17 classic Nintendo gamesā€”including Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zeldaā€”through interviews with developers, vintage advertisements, and excerpts from Nintendo Power.


If that isnā€™t enough to get you to part with $27, the book, available for pre-order now, also comes in a slip cover making it look like an over-sized NES cartridge sitting on your shelf. November sounds like itā€™s going to be an expensive month for us children of the ā€˜80s.

[Prima Games via IGN]