Catching Up: Gizmodo Gallery Setup Timelapse Video

Hey Jason, Chris and I got into NY yesterday and haven't really stopped moving since then. The Gizmodo Gallery has been a huge success so far, especially with Phil Torrone from Make doing free laser etchings all day for anyone who brought him a graphic and a gadget to tattoo. But setup, well, it took awhile.

Especially deciding where to put what furniture, and what gadgets to put on what particular pieces of furniture. We ended in a mental loop for a few hours, trying to sort everything out so it would be presented perfectly, and in the end, we were satisfied. But from start to finish, it took us 15 hours to do. Which we compressed into a 45 second time lapse video which you can see above.


[Thanks to REED ANNEX and thanks to our benefactor]

Gizmodo Gallery

Reed Annex

151 Orchard Street

New York, NY 10002

Gizmodo Gallery Reader Meetup

The reader meetup takes place across the street from the Gallery, at a place called The Annex (not to be confused with REED ANNEX where the gallery is hosted.) The address is 152 Orchard Street and we'll be there at 9 PM SHARP on Friday December 5th.


Gallery Dates:

December 4th-7th


12/4 Thursday


12/5 Friday


12/6 Saturday


12/7 Sunday


[Read more about our Gizmodo Gallery here and see what else we'll be playing with at the event.]

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Not gonna lie...The gallery is underwhelming. Still, I'm happy for you guys. Might come see it when I visit my brother.