Catching Up: Ski Season

Hey Jason, how's the Bay Area been? I'm at Lake Tahoe and I took my friend's 4runner up. Wasn't a good idea.

I needed extra space to carry stuff, but his all season tires are really beat up and its not doing so well in the snow. Bad gadgets are annoying, bad tires are terrifying. Two friends are here with us, and we've been spending some time on the slopes and some time playing Xbox, including Lego Indiana Jones — pretty fun to watch!

The last time you wrote, you'd mentioned that it was cold in SF. Funny, but I agree that Tahoe cold is not nearly as bad, mainly because of my Goretex and fleece addiction.

I've been losing stuff in all the different pockets, though. Found an iPod shuffle in one of my jackets from last year I thought I had lost. And I lost the key for the car twice, and the house keys once and my gloves twice. I also can't find an orange Verizon Casio Boulder phone I was testing for its waterproof, ruggedness and push to talk function. Was very useful til I ended up not being able to locate it. The snow eats everything it touches!


What are you doing for new years? I haven't lined up plans yet. A bit worried about the site being manned during holidays, as usual, but maybe its time we just throw in the towel and relax like normal people on Christmas and New Years. I dunno.

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Dont worry too much about the site being manned during the holidays......the readers/commentards will undoubtedly be having a "Show and Tell" of their new (or old) gadgets. I look forward to first hand reviews from under the tree.