How To Hack a Nerf Vulcan to Fire 500 Rounds a Minute

Illustration for article titled How To Hack a Nerf Vulcan to Fire 500 Rounds a Minute

The Nerf Vulcan is definitely awesome—but it is not as cool as it could be. Manapotions have developed a hack that adds an LED round counter and a 500 round-per-minute firing capacity.


In order to accomplish this feat, the guys from Manapotions increased the voltage to the firing motor using 2 x 9.6v battery packs. More juice equals a faster spinning motor. A faster spinning motor means that toy darts will come down on your enemies like rain. As an added bonus, they equipped the gun with a sweet LED round counter and a slick paint job. Seriously folks, this thing is like the A-bomb of office warfare. And the best part is that it is a cheap upgrade. Hit the link for complete instructions on how to do it yourself. [Manapotions]



Depending on what the form factor is of the motor, you could most likely find a new motor that is made with a higher duty cycle and the correct voltage then the cheap ones they throw in those things stock. Maybe find some aluminum gears also.