Cathode Puts The Sex Back In Terminal Emulators

Twenty bucks for a terminal emulator when there's already a perfectly serviceable one on your Mac? Secret Geometry's "Cathode" makes a good case for itself. It can look like nearly any terminal on any old flickering CRT monitor.


OSX-only Cathode is chocked full of class. Not only can you tailor each and every mode to your nostalgia gland's content, but even the try-before-you-buy mode is slick: instead of locking you out after so many minutes, Cathode instead degrades the quality of the terminal, making it flicker and waver even more than by default.

There are certainly a few bad memories unlocked by Cathode. Turn up the baud rate on the simulated modem connection and then list a big directory. You'll be overwhelmed by a gorgeous but totally unreadable torrent of phosphors.

The only thing I can think of that would make Cathode even better would be a mode in which it uses your Mac's built-in iSight to get an image of the room, then uses that to map the faked reflection in the screen.

I don't need a specialized terminal app these days, but if I did... [Cathode via ROB]



I allways spend the extra 30 seconds to change my color scheme to green on black. Not just to be dorky, but it makes it easy to pick out the terminal session VS CMD prompt out of the 10 windows I have open. By the way TeraTerm 4.xx (Free) is probably one of the better ones (For Windows) if you don't want to spend any cash.