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Cat's Arse Pencil Sharpener: Don't Tell the SPCA

Illustration for article titled Cats Arse Pencil Sharpener: Dont Tell the SPCA

I think this is self-explanatory. I'm more of a dog person, myself, so I'd have no qualms about having this on my desk. Apparently the cat goes "Meow" when you stick your pencil up its butt, which is not very realistic. Far better that it leap up and down and bite you, then do a poo on the desk. Anyway, the Cat's Arse Pencil Sharpener costs $14.


Product Page [I Want One Of Those via UberGizmo]

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sammy baby

I don't suppose anyone here has ever owned a female cat which was in heat? Or the instructions the vet would give you on how to "deal" with it?

Guess not.