CBS Shows Will Stream on Hulu Plus Next Year

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CBS is home to many shows in which some unsuspecting individual with a special gift helps law enforcement agencies solve crimes once a week. And if you happen to be a fan of these shows, but don't like watching them over broadcast or using the CBS site, there's good news: they'll stream on Hulu Plus next year.


CBS was one of the last network holdouts from the weird, not-so-little experiment that is Hulu, and the addition of CBS content adds further legitimacy to the concept of online television. And with that, there will be 2600 more episodes for Hulu Plus subscribers to choose from. [Hulu via TNW]


hooray, now I can watch HIMYM continue its decline into a withering shell of its early greatness. And all those other great cbs shows, like: ... um... and... huh... i really can't think of any.