CEDIA 2006: HomeLogic Controlling Everything From UMPC, Motorola Q, Too

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HomeLogic has finally found a suitable task for ultra mobile PCs (UMPC), those solutions looking for a problem that have been pretty much useless up until now. Why not run the all-encompassing HomeLogic OneHome home control software on a UMPC? Heck, the Samsung Q1 shown here can do everything the HomeLogic's own touchscreen does, plus kinda do PC-ish stuff, too.


So it looks like that's working out pretty well for HomeLogic at CEDIA 2006, where the company is showing its software running on all kinds of unlikely things, such as the Motorola Q Smartphone. The company also showed demos of its software running on Windows CE. What's next? Controlling everything in your house from your car's built-in GPS system? Don't laugh.

HomeLogic shows automation on UMPC and Motorola Q phone [Talkabout: CEDIA]