CEDIA 2006: Niveus Media Centers

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These things are bananas, yo. Big, sexy, beautiful, quiet, powerful and amazing are just a few words to describe these media centers being show on display here at CEDIA. This ain't your Granny's media center. Hit the jump to see all of the details and some ass pictures (of the media center, perverts).

I got the run down on the highest end model from Niveus, the Denali Limited Edition. Go big or go home, right? This thing has up to 4 GB of RAM, 1 TB of storage, CableCARD support, four TV tuners, Core 2 Duo, Ethernet, HDMI, HD DVD, Wi-Fi and that isn't even cracking the surface. The Denali also uses Niveus Glacier Passive Cooling that has no fans and uses a boatload of conveniently placed heatsinks to keep it nice and cool.


Niveus also makes a matching storage server that can store up to 5 TB of data and a disc changer capable of holding 200 discs and stackable (if you happen to own more than 200 DVDs and want them all in changers). The media centers are going to run anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 and the storage unit and DVD changer will run closer to $3,000 each.

For those who aren't rich, Niveus also announced the Rainier media center. This is a chopped down version of the Denali and is a bit less with prices beginning at $3,500


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