CEDIA 2006: Pelham Sloane PSynergy 1700

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My man Bob, who happens to be a Pelham Sloane employee, shot me an e-mail this morning asking me to swing by their booth. I won't lie, I had no clue who Pelham Sloane was and what they had to offer, but now I am mightily impressed.

Pelham is the lone gem of CEDIA by providing something more computer-y and less home theatre-y. The PSynergy 1700 is an all-in-one computing solution. It may just look like a display, but it is an entire, powerful computer and sweet touch-screen display. The machines run Windows Media Center and are powered by Pentium M processors. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave automation, Biomentric fingerprint reader, PCMCIA, USB, PCI, TV Tuner, 7.1 audio, component outputs, two Ethernet ports and more.

This is the kind of machine that would be perfect around the house. Kitchen, hallway, living room, wherever. For the consumers, Worthington will be selling these machines for roughly $3,000 or so. Hit the jump for more pics.


Oh, and I forgot to mention. The panel around the display has touch controls that can change the volume and brightness, similar to the iPod. Sa-weet.


Product Page [Pelham Sloane]