CEDIA 2006: Pioneer Pictorial Booth Tour

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I got a chance to get a little walk-around of the Pioneer booth. Same shit, different booth. LCDs, plasma, audio, blah blah blah. There was one lone item that stood out from the usual quantity of home theatre stuff. Hit the jump to see it along with some more photos.

Here it is, the lone item from pioneer that stood out. This is a proprietary media center that is integrated into their Elite series TVs. It works really simply and I was mighty impressed. Connect the TV to your existing network, preferably over a wired connection and share files on your computer. Then you can go to the TV and play back pictures, video (limited codecs though) and audio. No need to have a fancy media center attached to your television and network. Simply plug and share. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself.


An iPod!? At CEDIA? Noooooo!


Here is a very expensive and very extensive setup to just get your iPod playing through your home network. I really enjoyed the Pioneer rep dancing to Shelby Lynn. Yeah, you shake it, sister.


Believe it or not, LCDs Plasmas have been around long enough to actually have a history that Pioneer decided to document. [duh, Pioneer is all about Plasmas-ed]