Celebrating Coffee All The Way Into Space

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It's National Coffee Day in the United States, a non-holiday made far more entertaining by its celebration in low-Earth orbit by our astronauts on the International Space Station.


Of course astronauts and stars of an ongoing buddy-movie-in-space reality show Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst have produced an adorable tribute to coffee in one of their many photos and videos home:

Making coffee on the space station will be getting far more exciting in a few months when Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti brings an espresso machine into orbit. The mechanics of making a coffee in space is awesomely involved, with well-sealed high-pressure piping keeping steam and grains well-contained in the face of the most epic bouts of pre-coffee klutziness.

Top image: A rocket launch in latte foam in a NASA cup. Credit: NASA



This... is a coffee related question, but has any astronaut tried to propel themselves in zero-g via the evacuation of bodily gas? From the colon?