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Cellphone Booth - The Curser's Paradise

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dennis Raney is what we call a "genius". He did what should have been done before, but never has been done. He's created a phone booth strictly for cellphones. Just like a normal old-school phone booth, it's designed for a quiet, private conversation between you and your party...except it's missing a phone. One thing however that would make this design perfect, would be to integrate a phone charger of some sort inside for a quick charge. Carrying major phone manufacturer brands such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, and others would be crucial for it to work. These booths don't come too cheap though so I'm sure only very well-off business owners and townships would invest in these. Right now, two models are available—a red melamine booth that sells for $2,650 and a solid oak booth that goes for $3,395, which is proving more popular. Both have an old-fashioned look, with
paneled, windowed doors and little "Cell Phone Booth" signs on top.

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