A new fishing game for cellphone users based in western Japan is mixing the virtual with the actual, as competitors who hook a fish get the chance to have the same kind of fish delivered to their door by a local seafood wholesaler.

Ippon Zuri, which means pole-and-line fishing, is available to DoCoMo subscribers in the town of Fukuoka, and was created by local system development company FIT, who teamed up with a local fish wholesaler. Gamers pay 1,000¥ (a little under 10 bucks) for three games, in which they cast to all kinds of seafood, from crab to sea bream in the hope of hooking them.


If successful, the player then has an encounter with a slot machine and, should he get lucky with three matching numbers, then the fish is reeled in, the seafood supplier contacted and, ta-daa, it's fish for supper. [Pink Tentacle]