Cellphone Jammers on the Way?

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This is a little Japanese gadget that will make living life day-to-day so much nicer. It's a simple device with an on-button. It has two modes, one mode will disable all calls within a area for 70 seconds, the other will fade away the call with "natural atmosphere" to assist ending that call with Aunt Rita. It retails for $71 or so and should be coming to the U.S. once the FCC passes an act that allows cellphone jamming in movie theaters. Hooray!


Cell Phone Jammer [RedFerret]

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What I'd really like is a device like a jammer that instead emits an ear-shattering shriek to all cellphone users in a large radius. The people on here who are all "omg, you shouldn't be able to block me, MY call's probably important: sickness, accident, blah blah blah".

What did they do before cellphones? It wasn't that long ago that they didn't exist.

I'd say cellphones cause more harm through idiots using them & driving/not paying attention, and 911 services being totally overloaded when every hammerhead with a cellphone calls in about the same accident/fire/whatever they are seeing.

I just placed an order for one of the pocket jammers and can't wait to use in my car, restaurants, library...and for heaven's sake, what mugger gives you the chance to use your cellphone anyway? And usually mugging is a private affair without cellphone using witnesses.