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Cellphones to Further Ruin Airplane Travel

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As if flying wasn't miserable enough already, soon you'll have to cope with the cell phone yell up close and personal on airplanes. Starting in December of this year, the US feds will allow onboard satellite uplinks on airplanes, threatening to eliminate that last bastion of chatter-free existence. If you thought that crying, pooping baby kicking the back of your seat from New York to L.A. was bad, now you'll have to cope with the ring tones and yackety-yak of fellow passengers, surrounding you with a vengeance only heretofore seen inside THX-certified theaters equipped with Dolby 7.1. Never mind that 61% of business travelers are against cell phone use on planes, according to a CWT Business Travel Indicator survey. Tough. There's money to be made; get out of the way, peon traveling cattle. So now, you get to pay premium prices to wedge yourself inside an uncomfortable sub-sonic tin can, with about 20% of the oxygen you need and 150% of the noise. Videoconferencing, anybody?

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