Guy Adams—the journalist banned by Twitter after slamming NBC's Olympics coverage again and again—is back in the game. His Twitter account has been activated again, as this image shows.


Adams, a journalist working for the British newspaper The Independent, was kicked out of Twitter after the latter advised NBC to file a protest against him. Twitter is an NBC partner in the Olympic Games.

NBC filed the protest and Twitter promptly de-activated Adams' account after falsely accusing him of publishing a private email address, something that is prohibited under Twitter's terms of use. Adams didn't publish any public email: he just posted a publicly available email address from one of the NBC executives in charge of the games' broadcast.

Adams tried to follow up with Twitter, explaining that he didn't break Twitter's rules, but nothing happened until now. Twitter's latest move follows a worldwide online outcry against the blue bird company and NBC for kicking a critic out of the social media service.

I'm glad that now Adams can continue his acid coverage of NBC's Olympic Games broadcast.


Updated: Adams says that Twitter wrote to him claiming that his account had been re-instated because NBC "retracted" its complain. You know, the invalid complain about that tweet that never went against Twitter's terms of service but that Twitter used to ban him anyway because they were actually the ones who wanted him banned.

I don't know who is the biggest assclown in this case anymore—both Twitter or NBC are fighting really hard now to win that medal. [Twitter via Twitter]


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