Cerevellum Bike Computer Does It All, Including Video From Behind

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Soon you'll be able to set up a computer network on your bicycle that's just downright useful. The Cerevellum's main unit mounts front and center on your handlebars, and then you plug in USB modules that give you GPS capability, heart rate readings, and even the amount of energy you're expending pedaling that bike. Heck, it even gives you eyes in the back of your head.


Its digital rearview mirror feeds video onto its screen from a tiny camera mounted on the bike's handlebar plug or on the seat post under your butt. We were about to order one of these right away until we discovered this is just in the prototype stage thus far.

But wait. They've figured out the pricing, which ain't cheap. A fully tricked out system will cost you as much as a laptop, with the main unit costing a hefty $300, a speedometer/odometer (cyclometer) module is $60, $200 for GPS and then it's $800 for that power meter. Ouch.

But still, we really like that rear-view function. We're thinking by the time its designers find a manufacturer, perhaps they'll consider using wireless USB. [Cerevellum, via Wired]


Broken Machine

If you can't trun your head without turning the bike, you do NOT belong in traffic. Period. You are a hazard. You can practice by taking your left hand off of the bars and grabbing the rear of the seat; this allows you to move your head without pulling the bars. Spend some time on rollers doing this and you'll be a pro.

That being said - I'm all for gadgets, I have flight deck on my mountain and CX bikes. I have an external GPS antenna permenently mounted to my Camelbak strap - I'm a succker for all thinks geek when it comes to bikes. My friends would think something was wrong with me if I didn't buy this.