If simply getting a peek inside the guts of CERN isn't cool enough, the lab's computer security officer, Stefan Lüders, has a secret treat for the nerds among us. Just before Google Street View came to visit, he and his crew hid Lego figurines all over CERN's Computing Center. About 20 of them—including aliens, a leprechaun, and a pharaoh—are now lurking, hidden in Google Street View.

CERN is thus sponsoring a scavenger hunt. Find at least 3 Lego figures (screengrabs or it didn't happen!) and send them over to TreasureHunt-ComputingCentre@cern.ch for the chance to win your gift of choice from CERN's holiday gift guide. Get started over at Google Street View. [Symmetry Magazine]


Photo of courtesy of CERN