Change Your iPod's Text Color

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Getting fed up with that boring black font color on your iPod? Now you can get in there and change the menu text, title bar or secondary to a bright red color (or any other of your choice) that's sure to set you apart from all those me-too fanboys.


It's done by hacking into the iPod's firmware using a little application called iPodWizard (iPW), which you can download here. Once you've done that, it looks pretty easy to change that color:

Open iPW, load your firmware. Go to Layout, scroll down to Font Types. In that list, go down to item 24223, which is the titlebar string. Now look at the z2 tag. It should say 0xFF000000. We're going to change that. Click on it so that the cursor goes into the hex field and highlights the first character in the series of hex, which should at the moment say 00 00 00 FF. Ignore the FF at the end, and change the first three digit series from 00 00 00 to DD 00 00. Write [to] your iPod, eject, and look. Your titlebar text is now red!

You can also change the iPod's font sizes, but be careful, this could get a little tricky.

Change your font color! [Ipod Wizard]


I thought it expressly said in the book of Jobs that 'thou shalt not alter thy perspective on the holy word'.

Now, it is a well known popular interpretation of that passage to be a reference to some of the Apple rumor blogs out there. However, I am fairly convinced that Jesus was referring to font color and size on any device from the Holy Land.

Difficult to say for certain, but I would be careful. You do not want to feel the wrath of his holyness.