Channel Jackson Pollock's Drunken Splatters With a Wiimote

Illustration for article titled Channel Jackson Pollocks Drunken Splatters With a Wiimote

The DraWiing Jackson Pollock project uses an IR detector, a projector and a Wiimote to recreate the drip-and-splatter works of everyone's favorite hard-living abstractionist. It's really fun, as you can see.


ITP students Si Heun Cho and Ruxy Staicut created the rig you see here that takes IR and accelerometer data from a wiimote to plot a point in relation to a dropcloth on the floor—your canvas—and projects a nice paint splatter trail. A nearby kiosk can be used to control the color with three RGB dials, and a printer is standing by to make permanent your creation. I tried to spell Gizmodo for a second, but then realized that ol' JP would totally not be down with such concreteness. [DraWiing Jackson Pollack - ITP Winter 2008]

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The wii-mote can paint, what will it do next?