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Charcoal's Way More Fun in Liquid Oxygen Than It Is in Your Grill

All the cool kids know that playing with fire is totally awesome, but there's only so much you can accomplish with the tools available to your everyday pyromaniac. Scientists can have a bit more fun, and this slow motion video of liquid oxygen tossing around a chunk of flaming charcoal is a great chance to live vicariously.


Liquid oxygen is cool in its own right, literally boiling in the air as you go to pour it out of whatever vessel you've got it in. But liquid oxygen is also highly flammable will act as an oxidizer, kicking burning charcoal into high gear which is why the guys from periodicvideos saw fit to drop some hot charcoal into the mix. The results are fantastic. Well worth the risk of getting burned, right?

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Who is this guy? Obviously some supervillian just waiting to spring his diabolical plan. "Beware puny humans; I'm OxyMan! My hair is a model of oxygen electron shells!"