Charles Dickens the latest author to get hit with the "monster mash-up" craze

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It had to happen eventually — someone is doing a Charles Dickens horror mashup. Sherri Browning Erwin, who already scored with the vampire-heavy Jane Slayre, is following it up with Grave Expectations, due in May 2011. Here's the blurb:

Young werewolf Pip struggles to win society's acceptance, and the heart of the lovely Estella. But Estella hides a deadly secret: she's being trained in the art of slaying supernatural creatures.

Will Pip lose his heart, literally, to the slayer and her well-honed silver daggers? Or will he risk his hide to save Estella from a ruthless, lonely future by revealing some secrets of his own?

I call dibs on The Creaturebury Tales, mashing up Creature from the Black Lagoon and Canterbury Tales. Just imagine what the Wife of Bath's Tale would be like! [Sherri Browning Erwin]