Eddie Murphy's Vampire in Brooklyn Is One of the Most Underrated Horror Movies of All Time

When Eddie Murphy, Angela Bassett, and Wes Craven’s Vampire in Brooklyn hit theaters back in October of 1995, the horror-comedy was savaged by critics who felt the film’s deviations from more “traditional” vampire lore made it a lesser entry to the canon. Looking back, it’s obvious they were wrong.

A Reminder That the Post-Apocalypse Is Never a Good Time to Rely on the Kindness of Strangers

Jim Mickle’s indie Stake Land was one of 2010's best horror films—its post-apocalyptic road movie structure was familiar, but its gritty use of vampires (instead of, say, zombies) was distinctive. Mickle returns to produce Stake Land II, which is directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen—and we’ve got an exclusive clip.

Anne Rice Reveals Why She Brought the Vampire Lestat to the Realms of Atlantis

If you haven’t read Prince Lestat, Anne Rice’s most recent Vampire Chronicles book, a lot has changed for the tribe of the Undead. The vampires actually came together, entered the modern world, and formed a community with Lestat at its head. But with Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis, Rice is going to change …


Kate Beckinsale Dons Her Leather Battlesuit Yet Again for the New Underworld: Blood Wars Trailer

The Underworld movies have been pitting vampires and werewolves against each other since 2003, which is kind of amazing. In the fifth installment, Blood Wars, Kate Beckinsale is back in goth badass mode as Selene, whose enhanced vampire blood could tip the scales if it falls into the wrong hands... er, claws.

Daylight's End Trailer Proves Lance Henriksen Is Invaluable During a Zombie Apocalypse

Daylight’s End looks like yet another zombie apocalyptic action movie, but it has a secret weapon: Lance Henriksen, who is pushing 80 but is still quite obviously 100 percent badass. He may have a supporting role here, but anyone in a doomsday plague survival situation would be lucky to have this Aliens veteran by…

The Lost Boys Is Finally Getting the Sequel it Deserves, Just in Comic Book Form

“I don’t like horror comics,” new kid in town Sam says in The Lost Boys when the weirdos he’s just met, the Frog Brothers, try to give him a book about vampires. The theme has come full circle now that The Lost Boys are getting a sequel in comic book form—featuring Sam and both Frogs—courtesy of Vertigo.