The First Look at the What We Do in the Shadows Series Suggests NYC Is Awful For Vampires

When the series based on Taika Waititi’s What We Do in the Shadows hits FX next year, the story’s going to be somewhat familiar, yet still distinct from the source material. There are vampires all over the world, and we’re about to meet a gaggle of them who’ve been living in New York City.

We've Got a Sneak Peek at Anne Rice's New Vampire Lestat Tale, Blood Communion

Anne Rice has a much-anticipated Vampire Chronicles TV show in the works at Hulu, and now she’s got a new book in the series starring her most beloved character: Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat. It’s the first Rice novel to include illustrations—and we’ve got an exclusive excerpt and some image reveals to…

The Debut Teaser For A Discovery of Witches Mixes Magic and Melodrama

It’s the sexy story of forbidden love between a vampire and... anything that’s not a vampire. Man, the undead really are a bigoted bunch, aren’t they? The first look at Sky One’s new series A Discovery of Witches is here, promising sexual tension, dramatic head turns, and Ser Alliser Thorne from Game of Thrones…

Eddie Murphy's Vampire in Brooklyn Is One of the Most Underrated Horror Movies of All Time

When Eddie Murphy, Angela Bassett, and Wes Craven’s Vampire in Brooklyn hit theaters back in October of 1995, the horror-comedy was savaged by critics who felt the film’s deviations from more “traditional” vampire lore made it a lesser entry to the canon. Looking back, it’s obvious they were wrong.

A Reminder That the Post-Apocalypse Is Never a Good Time to Rely on the Kindness of Strangers

Jim Mickle’s indie Stake Land was one of 2010's best horror films—its post-apocalyptic road movie structure was familiar, but its gritty use of vampires (instead of, say, zombies) was distinctive. Mickle returns to produce Stake Land II, which is directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen—and we’ve got an exclusive clip.