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Cheaper iPods Briefly Appear Before Apple Event

Illustration for article titled Cheaper iPods Briefly Appear Before Apple Event

Update: New iPod touch 64GB is $399. 32GB touch moves to $299, 8GB is $199. The iPod Classic has been bumped up to 160GB for $250. And the Nano? Well, it's got a shiny new camera.


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The actual new prices differ to what we saw earlier today. Maybe Apple's Web guys didn't get the memo...


At about 8am EST this morning, the Apple Store had listed the following prices:
The 32GB touch is now $279 (down from $399), the 16GB is $249 (was $299), and the 8GB model is $189 instead of $229. Could a 64GB model arrive at Apple's event today?

At about 8:30am:
The nano has now also been slashed. It's now at $129 (8GB) and $149 (16GB), while the Classic is down to $229 (was $249).

At about 10am:
Apple store down ahead of today's event. [Apple Store] Thanks Max, and @Galaxius.


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Blackberry Bold


There are absolutely no reasons to buy these ipods unless you cannot wait for freaking 2-3 weeks for apple to launch new ones. Apple is most likely bump up all of the ipod memories.