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Check Your Fireworks Because Thousands Have Been Recalled Nationwide

GIF Source: YouTube

It’s Fourth of July weekend and what could be more American than manufacturing a faulty product that could injure you while you’re drunk.


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall for 36,100 units of TNT Red, White, & Blue Smoke fireworks. Three separate people have suffered injuries from the fireworks due to their tendency to “explode unexpectedly after being lit.” The distributor of the fireworks, American Promotional Events, issued a statement that said the recalled product “could rapidly dispel from the bottom of the tube in an explosive manner.”


Smoke bombs are particularly fun because they’re one of the few fireworks that you can hold while you use them. You’re probably not supposed to hold them, but you can. If you hold these, you run the risk of the bottom blowing out and spending the rest of your holiday at the ER.

Not all states permit the sale of fireworks but this brand is reportedly sold nationwide where they do. Walmart and Kroger chains are the biggest retailers.

This is what they look like, so check your stash:

Illustration for article titled Check Your Fireworks Because Thousands Have Been Recalled Nationwide

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  • Read the instructions
  • Light and run like hell, don’t ever stick around, even if it looks like a dud. Especially if it looks like a dud. (Spoiler: It’s never a dud when you think it is. Fireworks are sneaky and mean and crave the flesh of your fingers.)
  • Make sure you know which end is up.
  • Absolutely no fireworks in bodily orifices. Ever.