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With everyone in the White House loving their iPods, you'd expect them (the iPods) to run out of battery life sooner or later, right? That's just the case with our man Dick on a flight he took the other day on Air Force Two. There are normally plenty of outlets to plug electronics into, but they started going on the fritz. Some reporters were busy working on their laptops when Cheney's iPod died. Everything immediately grinded to a halt and the one good outlet was then occupied by his iPod so it could charge. Get this:

"The vice president's press staff intervened so a reporter could use the outlet for 15 minutes to charge a dead laptop, but then the digital music device was plugged back in. That way, Cheney got his press coverage and his music, too."


They had to intervene. Damn, Dick—we knew you White House boys dug the iPod, but that much? That's dedication.

Cheney's iPod: first in line of succession for power outlets. [Boing Boing]

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