Chicago's Watchful Eye

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Public art can be pretty weird, but rarely is it as weird as "EYE," an unblinking, three story tall eyeball that's now scaring the dickens out of Chicago.

Tony Tasset, the artist and eyeball model behind the work, understands as much: "It's meant to be funny and weird." It is at least one of those things!

The eye, which was painted by hand, constructed with 9000 pounds of fiberglass and 9000 more pounds of steel, and cost, according to a director involved in funding the project, "a little over the six-figures mark," will be on display on Chicago's Loop until October 31. On that date, it will become sentient, roll out to the suburbs and scare the shit out of all the trick or treaters. [Laughing Squid and Fast Company]


Image credit Clint Mickel

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Just wait 'til that thing becomes unmoored and goes rolling all over the Loop.

It'll make the Great Windborne Picasso Sculpture Tragedy of 1983 look like child's play.