Childhood Heroes, encased in Chocolate Carbonite

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Photographer Henry Hargreaves mixes his childhood playthings with his love of food in this tasty, yet slightly creepy series of photos that takes molds of action figures and fills them with chocolate - creating the effect of the Carbonite freezing process from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.


For Jabba's Bounty, Hargreaves took action figures of some of his favourite characters, from Batman to Toy Story's Woody (shared in the header above because holy CRAP that one looks creepy!), and made silicone molds from them, before filling them with chocolate to let them set, creating the 'frozen in carbonite' effect. He then painted them with edible silver paint, and set them up in a mock up of Jabba the Hutt's trophy wall to photograph them. Here's a video of his process:

I love that Hargreaves included an Indiana Jones figure. Harrison Ford can't escape Carbonite Freezing even here! You can see pictures of some of Hargreaves' creations over at his blog, linked below.


[Henry Hargreaves News]

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I'm having flashbacks to Toy Story 3. This looks like its from a darker alternate ending where Woody and the other toys didn't escape the incinerator. The sheriff's profile is captured in the side of a brick of melted plastic, made up of all of his friends. Now they will be together forever ... <shivers>

Pleasant dreams everyone.