ChillTec Ultra TEC CPU Cooler: Borg-like Heat Pump for Your Processor

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This is not your ordinary cooling fan. The ChillTec Ultra TEC CPU Cooler is a solid-state heat pump that's even capable of cooling below room temperature. Of course, it automatically monitors the temperature of the processor, turning the fan on and off, keeping it quiet most of the time and speeding it up when you need it most.

What we really like is its low noise levels, just 20dB at its lowest 2000rpm speed, clearly into church mouse territory and almost as quiet as not using a fan at all. We thought our 28dB CPU fan was nice and quiet, but that's as loud as the Ultra gets at its highest speed.


Plus, it looks like a Borg hive, doesn't it? This $130 cooling fan looks cool enough to warrant a place in a PC with a transparent door and lots of lighting.

Ultra's heat-pipes salve your CPU [Slash Gear]

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