Chimp Plays Ms. Pac-Man, Already Beat My Top Score

Check out this chimp dominating a little Ms. Pac-Man. And by dominating we mean doing alright and at least understanding how to play, but that is still a hell of a lot better than I could ever do with that little tramp, Ms. Pac-Man. You may be flailing your arms around thinking you are hot shit, chimp, but I dare you to challenge me in Galaga, or better yet, Madden.

Watch A Chimp Play Ms. Pac-Man [Kotaku]


Donkey Kong would only teach him to hurl barrels at his human overlords. Now Donkey Kong Jr. on the other hand. He could learn to fight those annoying steel traps while swinging from vine to vine, which I'm sure is what a chimp in the wild must do every day.