China Takes Over the Censored Internet

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The United States has just fallen to China in that whole I-have-more-people-on-the-internet-than-you battle. Because according to numbers* by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the country now has 253 million people online-that's 30 million more than we have in the United States. And by 2012, China expects that number to swell all the way to 490 million.


Just in case you've forgotten the massiveness of China's population, that 253 million person figure represents only 19% of their population. Meanwhile, US numbers show that 71% of its citizens access the internet.

* The dark irony, of course, is that the new largest internet-using body of people are seeing a censored internet. It should be noted, however, that some progress has been promised in this area with the coming Olympic games. [BBC]



Well, you can't really say how much internet you are using because nobody uses all the resources on the web. for example, you will never use chinese websites because you can't understand them or you don't trust them, so by saying the chinese only using a percentage of the internet and everybody else uses 100% is inaccurate. plus who cares about how many people use internet in what country.

i am kind of tired of people blame china for all the problems, it has 1.3b people to feed and put to work, isn't not easy. cut them some slack and let them work it out.