But China isn’t the only country upset about the new U.S. missile test.

“All this elicits regret, the United States has obviously taken the course of escalating military tensions. We will not succumb to provocations,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said according to TASS.


“We won’t allow ourselves to be pulled into a costly arms race,” Ryabkov added.

And that’s where things get more tricky, because Russia is clearly engaging in its own development of next-generation weapons that could easily be mistaken for an arms race. In fact, the recent mysterious explosion that killed at least five scientists in Russia is believed to have been caused by a nuclear reactor that was supposed to power new nuclear weapons. Russian radiation detection sites have even gone dark in the wake of the incident, leading to plenty of conspiracy theories.


While China may have a point that the U.S. is entrenched in a “Cold War mentality,” it takes two to tango. Or three, since Russia is clearly doing its own posturing in this New Cold War.

All we can say for certain is that it’s going to get a lot more hostile before anything calms down, and that’s bad news for humanity. We barely survived the first Cold War, given all the near-misses and nuclear misunderstandings we now know about from history. And it seems highly unlikely that we’d survive a New Cold War since human beings haven’t exactly gotten any smarter in the past 30 years.