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China's Red Hot iPhone Black Market

Illustration for article titled Chinas Red Hot iPhone Black Market

A few weeks ago, Apple implemented a policy limiting iPhone sales to two per customer and sale by credit card only. Seemed likely that this was to stem unofficial market sales abroad, and this Wired piece by Aventurina King confirms it. The iPhone, known as the "Ai Feng" ("Crazy Love") is growing quite a market. The market is trim selling the handsets at about $474 for unlocked models, imported in copious amounts via HK mules, which must feel like coming home for the asia-born devices. After all this, does China need an official market when the country so clearly loves all things illegal better than the legit deal? [Wired]


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@jamar0303: Good point. Wired article didn't mention that, but as a son of HK, I think that's scenario isn't out of the question. Although armani sunglasses are a lot easier to miss than iPhones.