Chinese Shenzhou 7 Space Walk a Success, and Here's Proof!

OK, so the Chinese space walk did happen, contrary to previous time-traveling propaganda spin, and here's the proof. This video shows the Taikonauts exiting the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft and conducting a few simple experiments. Thanks to the riveting play-by-play commentary in the background, we know that one of these experiments involved retrieving "lubricant material that is placed on the outer body of the spacecraft." Kinky. The video is 10 minutes, but it's a good 10 minutes, and there's a Star Wars style text progression at the very end that was probably made with iMovie. Lastly, politics be damned, this was inspiring.Update: They also landed safely, apparently. That's always important!


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I call shenanigoats! That earth is just a painted backdrop! And I think I saw a stagehand stumble onto the set!