Chinese Tweeter Arrested on Wedding Day for Tweeting Joke

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China's not allowed access to Twitter, but obviously there are "ways" to work around that. Cheng Jianping and her fiancé Hua Chunhui, were two such users. Cheng, however, was arrested for RTing her fiancé's joke—on their wedding day.

The situation was made even more traumatic, because her family and fiancé weren't told of her arrest—leading them to think she'd done a runner. All for retweeting her fiancé's tweet, which said:

"Anti-Japanese demonstrations, smashing Japanese products, that was all done years ago by Guo Quan. It's no new trick. If you really wanted to kick it up a notch, you'd immediately fly to Shanghai to smash the Japanese Expo pavilion."


It was turned into a joke because she added "angry youth, charge!" to her retweet.

So, instead of enjoying life as a newlywed, Cheng was sent to a women's labor camp, where she immediately went on hunger strike. She's to remain there for a year, for "disturbing social order." This comes only a week after Irish chap Paul Chambers was slapped with a guilty verdict for joking he was going to blow up Robin Hood airport in England.


Tweeters, stay vigilant. [Amnesty via CNET UK]