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Tweeters Risk the Law by Retweeting Same Message That Found a Man Guilty

Illustration for article titled Tweeters Risk the Law by Retweeting Same Message That Found a Man Guilty

Following Paul Chambers' guilty verdict yesterday over a joke tweet where he "threatened" to blow up a British airport, tweeters have rallied together, tweeting the offending message with the hashtag #IAmSpartacus. Will the police arrest them all? [Twitter via TechRadar]


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Star Vixen

I'm sorry but these people are stupid. The guy willingly put something on the internet, where we all know is not a secretive place and got caught. Unfortunately, we do live in an era where these things have to be taken seriously. He's an idiot for putting it on twitter, he's an adult and should have known better.

When I was in the 7th grade - I learned NEVER put a threat in writing. Joking or not. I had friend who always said she wanted to blow up her house cause her mom was a bitch. I wrote her a note in school and said something jokingly about blowing up her house - later that day -I had two cops at my door, and lots of explaining to do. This was 15 years ago- before Columbine, before 9/11, before Virginia Tech, etc. It was a valuable lesson, but I was only 13 and obviously not smart - so I kind of got a "don't do this again you stupid kid" lecture. I didn't get arrested or anything. I just had to explain myself and write a written apology to her mom.