Chipotle's Mobile Ordering App For Magic iPhone Burritos

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Even if I didn't like Chipotle, I would still eat there based purely on the fact that their new app allows me to order my burrito from the comfort of my iPhone.

Chipotle Mobile Ordering builds upon their already substantial online ordering system by allowing iPhone and iPod Touch owners to find locations, customize their orders, save their favorites and pay for everything while on the go.

This concept has been tossed around before (most notably by designer Phil Lu with his mockup of what a Starbucks ordering app might look like.), but Chipotle's offering appears to be the first native restaurant app that attempts to take full advantage of the medium. On the negative side, it appears that the app has been taken down from the store (temporarily at least). Several users on MacRumors forums claim that the app was extremely buggy, which may or may not be to blame for the sudden disappearance. [MacRumors]


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i seriously live a block from a chipotle (if i cock my head right, i can even see it) and i bet i'd still use this app. i am going to give their online ordering a try one of these days.