Christian Group Claims Thousands of People Signed Its Petition Demanding Netflix Cancel Amazon's Good Omens

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A Christian group known as Return to Order has been running a campaign to urge Netflix to remove the show Good Omens, which was released on Amazon.


The limited series—based on a 1990 novel written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman—tells the story of a demon and angel joining forces to stop Armageddon. It’s a show that celebrates unity during these divisive times.

But, as the Guardian first reported, Return to Order doesn’t approve of the forces of heaven and hell uniting for a common goal. The group, which is essentially a brand extension of the book Return to Order by biblical scholar John Horvat II, created a petition urging Netflix to “pull the series at once,” and, “Stop promoting evil!” Again, Netflix can’t do either of those things because it doesn’t produce or stream the show Good Omens, Amazon does.

Image from Return to Order campaign
Image from Return to Order campaign
Image: Return to Order

As of Thursday morning, the site claimed to have had more than 20,000 signatures. However, it seems the page was taken down sometime on Thursday.

The petition page, which, based on a Facebook posting, has been up since at least May 12, mentioned several reasons that the show is “blasphemous.” Among Return to Order’s concerns are the series featuring an angel and a demon as close friends, “God is voiced by a woman,” the antichrist is “portrayed as a normal kid that has special powers,” and the “four riders of the Apocalypse, God’s means of punishing sinful earth, are portrayed as a group of bikers.”

“We must show our rejection,” the campaign demands. “Please sign our petition, telling Netflix that we will not stand silent as they destroy the barriers of horror we still have for evil.”


I want to watch the show even more now. It’s honestly great promotional copy for the show. Neil Gaiman seemed to agree, in a tweet about the campaign.


For anyone who didn’t get the chance to sign the Good Omens petition before it was taken down, you still have the opportunity to sign a protest of Walmart selling satanic products.

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Amazon’s reply is pretty sweet: