Chrome OS Gets More Computer-y Features

Illustration for article titled Chrome OS Gets More Computer-y Features

Google's cloudtastic Chrome OS got a little shot in the butt today, with the addition of some features you'd expect from any non-Chromebook system. The updates aren't the most stunning, but they'll make Chrome feel more like a real computer.


Now included in Chrome OS is a new file manager, which looks like a pretty generic PC file manager. Column view. Pretty straightforward and rudimentary, but a way to...manage your files. It wasn't super intuitive looking.

A basic media player's now included as well, able to play songs and videos. Yeah. There's a fullscreen mode.

Maybe the only semi-exciting new feature is the addition of contextual app buttons that go along with whatever you install. Transfer over a bunch of photos? Use Picasa? Install the Picasa app for Chrome OS, and you get a nifty set of Picasa buttons, right in the file manager. So, hey!

Oh, and if your internet computer finds itself without any internet, Google's making Gmail, Docs, and Calendar all available offline. But, really, try to keep this thing near the internet.



has anyone on the cr48 actually gotten the update yet?