Happy Saturday friends! Since you are inside staring at the Internet instead of outside staring at the ocean, here's a selection of the most bestest stories we published this week. They will make you laugh and cry simultaneously with outrage and joy!

I Can't Stop Watching This Woman's Epic Apple Store Meltdown

Here we have a mother having a meltdown at The Grove Apple Store in LA. It's unclear what exactly she's having a tantrum over but it's completely mesmerizing. I've had the Vine open on my second screen on loop for the last 10 minutes. I can't stop watching.

Nokia 1020 Review: The Best Smartphone Camera in a Pretty Great Phone

The Nokia 1020 represents something fairly remarkable: the nearly flawless melding of a smartphone and a camera. The assumption up until now was that while such a mash-up wasn't strictly impossible, it would surely require a laundry list of unpleasant compromises. Instead, what we've got is an entirely new kind of gadget. One that, most remarkably of all, works as advertised.

A Fleet of Blimps Will Soon Serve as a Missile Shield Over Washington

A still-chilling consequence of post-9/11 America is that we remain all too aware of the fact that we could be attacked at any moment. And so with worst case scenarios in mind, the military is constantly upgrading our defense systems in increasingly creative ways. Washington DC is next in line. It's getting blimps.

You'd Be Crazy Not to Buy Google Chromecast (SUPER SAD UPDATE)

Google's relationship with television is spotty, at best. Google TV, whether as a set-top box or as a built-in product, has been an ongoing punchline. It didn't even sell television shows in the Play Store until a year ago. But Chromecast is different. It's Google's cross-platform answer to AirPlay, a video-friendly dongle that fits snuggly behind your TV. And, most importantly, they're practically giving it away.

The New Nexus 7: More Power, Pure Google

Google has now formally unveiled the newest iteration of its Nexus 7 tablet . Turns out, t week's leaked specs and grainy product shots (not to mention the pretty-darn-clear ones) were dead on: this thing is freakin' sweet.

The North Pole Is Now a Lake

If you think these images from the North Pole look more like a lake than the snow-covered expanse you'd expect, that because it is is—the North Pole has melted.

Monopoly Is Getting Rid of Jail. That's Some Bullshit.

Say goodbye to one of the few remaining cornerstones of childhood. The Monopoly board as we know it is being supplemented with a new version Hasbro believes will appeal more to today's swaggy youth. Time to welcome in the new age of chaos—because Monopoly Empire is about to be coming to you totally jail-free.

Good God, They've Perfected the Peanut Butter Jar

Peanut butter, Nutella, salsa, you name it—if it's a condiment and moderately delicious, there's a good chance you'll be lapping it up out of a jar. Still, reliable and resealable though they may be, there's also a dark side to America's favorite container: how to get the last bits of goodness out while keeping your hands clean in the process. Jar-with-a-Twist solves that sticky little problem with a patented, twistable jar that (supposedly) makes every spoonful feel just like the first.