Chromecast Is Finally Going to Get the Awesome Apps It Deserves

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Chromecast has always been great at what it does, but up until now it's done fairly little. Compatible apps have been just trickling in, largely because Google has been hand-picking what devs even get to play with the $35 wonderstick. No more! Google's opened up the Chromecast to developers everywhere. Finally, it should start getting the apps it deserves.


Developers can go download the Chromecast SDK right now, but what it means for you is that awesome-but-previously-verboten applications like AllCast—which basically turns Chromecast mirroring into Android AirPlay—are no longer off the table.

Sure, the wonderful effects won't hit until developers have a little bit of time to whip things up, but many have already been champing at the bit for months. There's already an AllCast update in the works.

This has been a long time coming—too long—but an avalanche of delicious Chromecast-enabled apps are doubtlessly on the way. About time. [Google via TechCrunch]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

HBOGo and Google Play Movies work flawlessly for me, but for some reason casting a Chrome tab or casting my entire screen are extremely choppy or just don't work in many cases. Does this have to do with my WiFi or is it my laptop itself?