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Chuck (Probably) Lives! Heroes... Might, As Well!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

NBC's president of primetime entertainment, Angela Bromstad, has been talking about next year's television season, as well as the future of both Chuck and Heroes... and it's not necessarily the news either show might've expected.

Of Chuck, Bromstad told the Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed blog,

[The ratings have been a p]leasant surprise, and they're doing great work... [In order for another season, i]t's got to maintain, and it depends on development [of new shows].


More surprising was the take on the troubled Heroes:

We met with ("Heroes" creator) Tim Kring (last week) and talked about a lot of things. It's a wait-and-see for us... We're going to cross that bridge [of whether a new season would be the final season] when we come to it.


Suddenly, Tim Kring is hoping that all of NBC's new pilots are terrible disasters, and his show gets to survive through everyone else's failure...

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