Cingular Launches 3125, a.k.a. the HTC Star Trek

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Cingular's finally releasing the HTC Star Trek under the super catchy name "Cingular 3125". We've seen reviews of the Star Trek before, back when it was still overseas and called by its maiden name.

Laptop Mag takes the Cingular model for a spin, and finds that it's slim like the RAZR but smart like a, uh, something that's smart (not me). The features are intact from the original Star Trek version, including Outlook syncing and Push Email, if you're synced up with an Outlook server. There's also Cingular Xpress Mail for non-business users and EDGE browsing on Cingular's network—no HSDPA here, unfortunately.


Since it doesn't have a keyboard, the 3125 is targeted towards people who don't want a bulky phone like the 8125, but still want some emailing and smartphone features. It's available now for $149 after signing a two-year indentured servitude agreement.

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