Qtek 8500/Dopod S300/HTC Star Trek Reviewed (Verdict: Star-tastic)

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What do you get when you cram a Windows Mobile Smartphone into a RAZR form factor? Surprisingly, not a dumbed down phone. The Qtek 8500 has the WM5 Smartphone OS and dimension-wise, is only slightly longer than the RAZR when opened. When it's closed, they're practically identical.


The phone has all the WM5 smartphone features—push email, WM apps like Internet Explorer, MSN, Windows Media Player, and various other apps that are downloadable off the net. The processor is only an OMAP 195MHz, but surprisingly all the menus and applications are fairly fast, except when too many things are open at once.

Reception is great, but the battery life will only last one day of use with emailing, surfing and music playback. That's not any worse than some other similarly sized phones, but it does mean you'll have to charge the phone every day. Overall, the Qtek 8500 is great if you want a Windows Mobile Smartphone but don't need a QWERTY capable device.


Dopod S300 / Qtek 8500 Mini-Review [Life of a Programmer]

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