Cingular Rolls Out TeleNav GPS Navigator Service

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Along with its shiny new HP iPAQ hw6920 it launched today, Cingular also rolled out its version of the TeleNav GPS navigation service, barking out turn-by-turn directions without requiring you to buy a separate receiver. Yep, these phones have a satellite receiver built-in.


The TeleNav service, which has been available on Sprint Nextel, Boost Mobile and SouthernLINC Wireless and others for a while now, gives you moving maps with voice and on-screen directions, and also helps you find businesses such as ATMs, restaurants and gas stations. Tell the TeleNav you're walking and it pops into a special pedestrian mode to help you find your way on foot.

Cingular will clip you $9.99 per month to use the TeleNav GPS Navigator, and it works on the HP iPAQ hw6920 as well as a few other GPS-enabled phones from Cingular. But paying that monthly tariff beats buying a dedicated GPS system, even though their steep $800-ish prices of just a few months ago have dwindled to around $300 for some highly-capable units. We're thinking/hoping it won't be long until all cellphones have GPS navi like this as standard equipment.

Product Page [Telenav]


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