Circuit City Stores to Close Forever on March 8th

Illustration for article titled Circuit City Stores to Close Forever on March 8th

Liquidators who are squeezing the last life blood out of Circuit City announced that all remaining stores will close by the end of the business day on March 8th. Farewell old acquaintance. [BusinessWire]


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I hated Circuit City for their poor service, and terrible prices...

But I feel sorry for those who are now going to be out of a job, as some of them I am quite sure tried their best. Especially since this economy is getting real bad, I hope they find a new job shortly...

I'm kinda worried now that Best Buy no longer has a direct competitor, now they can be free to jack up prices if they so choose. I know alot of people would take their business online, but there are those of us that would still rather shop locally... I personally love to shop online, but I also love having a choice to shop locally to...