Cisco TelePresence 3000: Virtual Meeting, Boredom Still Real

Yes, we know, it's sorta been video/table day at Gizmodo. But there is so much good stuff to see.


Here is the Cisco TelePresence 3000, a 12-person virtual conference table, seating up to 6 actual people in any one location. Three 65-inch HD plasmas make up one side of the table and coupled with properly positioned speakers, the experience looks like it would be seamless (or as seamless as talking to a bunch of TVs can be).

Believe it or not, writing in my underwear doesn't require high-end digital conferencing equipment. Do any readers out there use one of these at their jobs? And if so, did this post completely ruin your weekend because now it feel like you are at work? Scratch that. If you are using this table, you probably never leave work.

Product Page [via digg]

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I gotta say I love this for a couple reasons, number one useful piece of it I agree with Crescent on the selling services that dont exist thing and with johncron on the look each other in the eye. When developing a new product or service, as a small biz owner, I can definately attest to the importance of physically meeting with someone, shaking their hand, looking them in the eye. Definately extremely important in this area to get a complete understanding of how the other party feels about whatever, even the subtle body language signs are important.

However, I still think meeting in person is better than teleconferencing. Same goes here, but as a techie too, I LOVE this. The fact that they are proportional to the distance from the table that they sit, the way the spacial video is set up so that they look left to see whos on the left screen and that person can tell they are looking at him, etc. Great. Awesome. I really love the way the table flows together accross the screen. Trivial, maybe, but curcial to making the whole thing closer to a "transparent" technology so that it feels more natural to the users.

Great stuff here, I like it alot, regardless of the studies and wasting time and boring factors.